PRIVATEX – PYRO, s. r. o. provides trainings and courses in its own training centre for:

Firework product sales assistant (CANCELLED)

Firework product sales assistant certificate - F1, F2, F3, P1, T1 category.

odpalovač ohňostrojov

Fireworks operator (launcher) specialized qualification

Fireworks operator course for professionally qualified persons

Specialized qualification for work with explosives and ammunition

Basic fireworks course for production and laboratory workers with firework products

Školenie Odborná spôsobilosť

Specialized qualification for direct organization and control of work with explosives

Those who have successfully completed our course will obtain a certificate and are able to organize and supervise work with explosives in laboratories as well as production workshops and storage areas.

školenie pyrotechnické výrobky
SAPF meeting

Modern training centre

PRIVATEX-PYRO has its own modern training centre with up-to-date didactic equipment and top-level models of individual /firework product samples in cross-sections which are also exported to other training centres abroad. Trainings are led by professionals with more than 30 years of practice with university education and international experience.

Our training centre is used for conferences and meetings of SAPF – Slovak association of pyrotechnic companies.

Trainings are performed on the premises of our company or at the customer after a sufficient number of participants are registered.

Trainings consist of a theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, we focus on the text of Act No. 58/2014 on explosives, pyrotechnic products and ammunition, as well as relevant decrees and Government Regulations. In addition, we put emphasis on the characteristics and description of individual types of pyrotechnic products and fireworks, their categorization, construction, safe transport, storage, arrangement and placement.

The practical part is focused mainly on training a safe and correct preparation of pyrotechnic products, launchers, their fixation and placement, launching of fireworks and occupational safety and health. Trainings include practical demonstrations. Models of individual fireworks in real size are also available, thanks to which participants may observe and understand the operating principle of fireworks. In practical demonstrations, we emphasize the awareness of dangers arising from improper handling or storage. At the same time, numerous video projections and photographs of the installation are available.

In addition, our training centre provides retraining after the expiry of certificates. Our employees cooperate in the amendment and restatement of relevant legal regulations.

We published a book – Manual for fireworks operators and firework product sales assistant

Trainings are usually led by Ing. Ľubomír Masár, the company owner and author of the Manual for fireworks operators and firework product sales assistant.

školenia Ľubomír Masár
Príručka pre odpalovačov ohňostrojov

We organize trainings for individuals as well as groups. Contact us and arrange the nearest date possible.