A firework is a must for cultural, social, sporting or state events.

PRIVATEX-PYRO, s. r. o has accomplished numerous fireworks realizations on various occasions. We offer a turnkey fireworks preparation, i.e. we design the whole event based on customer´s requirements, handle all necessary permissions, inspect the location, transport and move the fireworks and our professional pyrotechnician launches it. As a result, the viewers experience unforgettable play of colours and effects in the sky, leaving them with utterly amazed.

PRIVATEX-PYRO, s. r. o is a major supplier of fireworks products for world-wide fireworks shows, New Year´s Eve fireworks or the Olympic Games opening ceremonies. We supply our fireworks products to top international companies providing fireworks for the most important events throughout the world, such as the opening of the Olympic Games (Torino, Soul, Rio de Janeiro…), New Year´s Eve fireworks in many world capitals (London, Edinburgh, Dubai, Qatar, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona…), Guinness World Record in Kuwait, World Cup FIFA in Moscow, etc. Thanks to this, we have considerable experience and are able to provide any type of fireworks.

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Original artistic performance

With a unique play of light and colours in combination with music you will experience a memorable and original artistic performance.

Qualified professionals

Qualified professionals, full of fantasy and enthusiasm, implement various fireworks projects at the highest level.


Your idea, our realization

Each firework is unique and designed depending on the type of event, its location and customer´s requirements to make the result as spectacular as possible.

Safety regulations

The used fireworks products comply with strict safety regulations and are approved according to relevant legal regulations for this activity.

Traditional fireworks are designed according to specific customer´s requirements.

The realization itself is fully in our hands, including all necessary permissions, so you need not worry at all. Please, contact us for more information and a customized offer.