Production of
pyrotechnic products

The company´s activities are based on the development of its own know-how and high-quality, reliable and environmentally-friendly production of safe pyrotechnic products.

More than 90 % of our own production is exported. The company was thus awarded with the prize THE BEST SLOVAK EXPORTER OF THE YEAR 2005 by the Ministry of Economy.

These are, in particular, professional pyrotechnic products, such as cylindrical shells, unique mines with multiple combinations, single shots, „PYROTIMER“ time delays and other pyrotechnic products.

PRIVATEX-PYRO manufactures customer fireworks, such as well-known MEGATRESK crackers, rockets and fountains. We also manufacture industrial fireworks, such as rockets and 15-mm bangers to scare birds, special cylindrical shells for avalanche prevention.

We are a world leader in the development, production and export of electric igniters.

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Pyrotechnic products for commercial fireworks

Our products: rockets, crackers, fountains, etc., of F2, F3, P1, T1 category.

Import of consumer fireworks from China: rockets, crackers, fountains, Roman candles, cakes, sparklers, rotating effects, etc., of F1, F2, F3, P1, T1 category.

Professional firework products

We manufacture professional pyrotechnic products for professional fireworks: single shots, mines, cylindrical shells, artillery shells, professional rockets, PYROLEPA – adhesive fuse PYROTIMER time delays – 1‘, 1,5‘, 2‘, 2,5‘, 3‘, 4‘, 5‘.

These products are intended only for persons with a relevant specialized certificate.

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Special pyrotechnics

Our company manufactures pyrotechnic products to eliminate avalanches, pyrotechnic products for agriculture, hunters and airports to get rid of birds and wild animals, as well as special rockets to scare away cormorants for fishing associations.

Electric igniters

PRIVATEX-PYRO, s. r. o. has been focusing on the development and production of electric igniters for fireworks since 2002. During this time it has become a world leader in the production and export of electric igniters. We export to all renowned firework companies all around the world.

Our electric igniters were used, for instance, in achieving the Guinness world record in Kuwait, at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, at the opening ceremony of the Football FIFA World Cup in Moscow, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, for New Year´s Eve fireworks in various world capitals (London, Edinburgh, Santiago de Chile, Brazil, Lisbon, Madeira, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Bucharest…).

Our igniters are used by all reputable companies at different competitions and events all around the world. 99 % of the production is exported to many countries around the globe for more than 57 clients.

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Our company uses the latest radio launchers manufactured by FIREMASTER, a renowned Italian company. We use state-of-the-art software and music computer programs to design choreography of our fireworks.

Our company uses and offers special duralumin towers for vertical and horizontal launching. A tower can be assembled by two persons in approx. 20 minutes. The weight of the tower is approx. 350 kg and its height is approx. 12 m.

We offer special launchers, mortar racks of our own construction, various launchers for attaching Roman candles, single shots, fountains, etc.

ADR transport

PRIVATEX-PYRO owns and uses only specially adapted vehicles according to the ADR international agreement on the transport of pyrotechnic products and fireworks. PRIVATEX-PYRO has its own qualified ADR consultant whose services are also used by other pyrotechnic companies.

As the only company, we offer specially adapted ADR boxes to transport pyrotechnic products directly integrated in launchers. The size of the box is 113 x 80 x 110 cm, the weight is 80 kg. They are certified according to the ADR international agreement on the transport of dangerous goods. The advantage of this transport method is that the installation time is considerably shorter disregarding weather conditions.

Our company owns several registered trademarks. Thanks to our own know-how we created special technologies which are exclusively our design and ensure safe production of several millions a year. We use purely natural components in the production to make our products environmentally friendly. We respect environmental regulations.

Are you looking for high-quality pyrotechnic products?

Our goal is customer satisfaction resulting from the quality and safety of our products, flexibility and stable prices.