Prepare a unique experience for your guests. No celebration will be boring with a fancy firework.

Whether you organize a corporate event, a birthday party, a graduation ceremony or an important anniversary, we offer a wide selection of fireworks products with a variety of effects in different colours, both indoor and outdoor, which will make your celebration unforgettable. We can create a made-to-order firework for you, just tell us what you want.

Fireworks also make an original present. Prepare a surprise and enjoy an unexpected experience together with your beloved ones. A firework can be created using your favourite song or colour making it even more personal. All pyrotechnic products are certified and comply with strict safety requirements.

umelecké predstavenie

Original artistic performance

With a unique play of light and colours in combination with music you will experience a memorable and original artistic performance.

Qualified professionals

Qualified professionals, full of fantasy and enthusiasm, implement various fireworks projects at the highest level.


Your idea, our realization

Each firework is unique and designed depending on the type of event, its location and customer´s requirements to make the result as spectacular as possible.

Safety regulations

The used fireworks products comply with strict safety regulations and are approved according to relevant legal regulations for this activity.

Fireworks for private events are designed according to customer´s specific requirements.

The realization itself is fully in our hands, including all necessary permissions, so you need not worry at all. Please, contact us for more information and a customized offer.