The history of fireworks began with the discovery of black powder in ancient China.

People soon realized that in spite of its destructive power, black powder could entertain them as well. They created the art of light in the sky and believed it would drive ghosts and evil powers away. The pomposity of fireworks is not only a question of the past. People are still attracted and captivated by its beauty.

Ľubomír Masár

We have been on the market since 1991

PRIVATEX-PYRO picked up on the tradition of fireworks in Slovakia. The company was founded by Ing. Ľubomír Masár in 1991 in Dubnica nad Váhom, a town with a great fireworks tradition. The company deals with professional fireworks shows, sale of professional and customer fireworks and, as the only one in Slovakia, it is engaged in fireworks development and production.

Own production facilities and laboratories, warehouses and offices

Own production facilities and laboratories, warehouses and offices are situated in several buildings, logistically well situated on three plots, with an area of 10.000 m2. The production premises and warehouses comply with strict safety requirements and are approved according to relevant legal regulations for this activity.

Export and import

More than 90 % of own production is exported. At the same time, PRIVATEX-PYRO is one of the leading Slovak companies directly importing fireworks goods from China, which are further exported across Europe. The company was thus awarded with the prize THE BEST SLOVAK EXPORTER OF THE YEAR 2005 by the Ministry of Economy.

najlepší exportér


AAA certificate

Privatex – Pyro belongs to a highly exclusive group of companies in the Slovak Republic that meet the strictest criteria of economic evaluation according to the statistical predictive model Bisnode. The company’s credibility reaches the highest level of AAA.

We have won many international competitions

The target of our activities is customer satisfaction

PRIVATEX-PYRO owns its reputation in Slovakia and throughout the world to the top-quality fireworks. The company demonstrates a great deal of fantasy, enthusiasm and variability and is keen on innovation as well as continuous improvement.

PRIVATEX-PYRO regularly attends the world´s largest exhibition „Spielwaren Messe“ in Norinberg and as the only company from Slovakia takes part in ISF – International Symposium of Fireworks – around the world.

All fireworks are specially designed according to customer´s ideas and requirements.

The aim of our activities is customer satisfaction, which is achieved through high quality and safety, flexibility and stable price.