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Why us?

  • quality
  • reliability
  • professionalism
  • flexibility
  • large scale of products
  • best prices

What we offer?

  • development, production of professional and consumer fireworks
  • production of el. igniters
  • realization of professional fireworks 
  • special pyro effects for interior, cinema, theatre, etc.
  • wholesale
  • export
  • import
  • ADR transport
  • consulting
  • education & literature
  • promo material

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PRIVATEX-PYRO Ltd. is the first and most prestigious company in Slovakia with the development, manufacture and sale of pyrotechnical products and with the realization of professional fireworks. The company was founded in 1991 in Dubnica nad Váhom. Production workshops and laboratories, warehouses and offices are included in several buildings which are logistically well situated on tree parcels with an area of about 10.000 sq.m. The whole facility is the only one of its type in Slovakia which compiles to high security standarts and though legal requirements. What´s interesting is that the company is the only productive company not only in Slovakia but also in so called the former countries of the East Block.

The activity of the company is based on their own know-how, the high quality (certificate of quality holder ISO 9001:2008) and confident production of safety pyrotechnical products. Mainly the production of cylindric shells, the unique combine mines , single shots and different pyrotechnic products for professional fireworks. The company also produces the commercial fireworks as rockets, fountains and cakes and owns several trade marks, e.g. MEGATRESK, which became thanks to its quality very famous in around countries. Self-designed technology allows efficient production of million of petards and ten of thousands of various pyrotechnical products. The company uses only natural components in fireworks production which makes products ecological.

PRIVATEX-PYRO Ltd. produces electric igniters of high quality which are used in fireworks. The company was the first in Europe to receive the international CE certificate for this product. More than 90% of its production is exported to different countries of the world, to well-known pyrotechnic and fireworks companies. The company was thus awarded the price "THE BEST SLOVAK EXPORTER OF THE YEAR 2005" by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.The company also imports directly the fireworks from China.

PRIVATEX-PYRO Ltd. closely collaborated with HBÚ (Mining Institute), SÚTN (Slovak Institute of Technical standardization) and with the testing laboratory SKTC 112.

The company took part on international fireworks symposiums in USA, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada and Mexico. The company is published in International Fireworks Trade Directory, registrated in AFN - American Fireworks News.

Ing. Lubomir Masar, the owner of the company, is the co-author of a publication " "THE GUIDE FOR FIREWORKS EXPERTS and works as a trainer and tutor in courses given to fireworks professionals. He is the founder of a foreing company PRIVATEX-PYRO Fireworks Hungary.

High quality firework products spread PRIVATEX-PYRO´s good name all over the world and promote Slovak products. The company has fantasy, enthusiasm, it is keen on innovation and continuous improvement. Qualified workers, top service and the use of unique ignition equipment FIREMASTER (made by the Italian leading firework producer PARENTE FIREWORKS) allow PRIVATEX-PYRO to arrange a world-class fireworks performance.

Nowadays fireworks are not only an additional element during public holidays or sport ceremonies. They also accompany promotions, fashion and music shows, balls, weddings, jubilees and even family celebrations. PRIVATEX-PYRO delivers effects for movies, television and even for bands playing inside on the podiums.

PRIVATEX-PYRO´s mastery can be demonstrated during the unique breathtaking professional firework shows. All over the world thousands of viewers get amazed by the unforgettable experience done by the beauty of colours and light. PRIVATEX-PYRO is also able to arrange fascinating pyromusical shows.

His professionalism, years of experience and expertise in the field of fireworks ranked Mr.Masar among the internationally respected firework experts. Therefore as a jury member, he has often taken part on festivals and competitions. Several articles in international magazines about exceptional firework performance are the proof that after years of hard work PRIVATEX-PYRO has became a well known company throughout the world. Customer satisfaction is ensured through high quality, flexibility and stable price. Without any exaggeration in its field of business PRIVATEX-PYRO became a leader in Slovakia and in the world.